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An Informative Outlook and Various Options To

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Welcome To New Perspectives on Existence

    Please read beyond this page. This is not only a site on the subjects listed above, but gives you opportunity to learn how to connect with these subjects. In turn, you learn about yourself and that YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE AND MAGICKAL HUMAN BEING!      

     This site is proposed to inform and educate your existence through Universal Knowledge. It is designed to bring synchronization back into life through understanding of yourself. It is said we have a subconscious and a conscious. The conscious pertains to making decisions out of thought based scenarios. The subconscious is an awareness set within the human mind that makes decisions through doing as oppose to thinking. Studies have shown that consciousness relates to the head. Many of our rash decisions through fear based activity such as jealousy, anger, lust, addictions, and greed, (examples of lower self), are through the conscious. The animal inside us is what consciousness is. The subconscious is based out of heart. Not head. The saying, "Listen to your heart." rings truth. The decisions of the subconscious mind are based on living in the moment and doing. Examples are in relation to giving to others, no action to negativity towards yourself or others, smiling in silence, appreciating the food you chew, the light you see, even grass being brushed by the winds. It is to pull in the moment. Not thinking of social networking, your responsibilities, or anything at all, but being in that moment and sincerely pulling in the refreshments the world has to offer. Subconscious is the soul, the spiritual, the animus. The conscious is the body, the physical.


     Why would you want this? Many people that are living their dreams understand these concepts. Movie Stars, Geniuses, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Authors, Artists, etc. have studied the concepts of the conscious and subconscious. There are many ways to go about this discovery of the mind and heart. Learning the tools of divinity such as Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and Symbols are a few out of the many ways to channel in your Soul. Healthy practices in eating, exercise, and silencing of the mind also known as Meditation are apart of seeing clearly into our subconscious mind.

    More simply put, there are many books in religion. There are many religions to follow. None of them are wrong due to the fact of the same basic message being delivered. In Christianity it is the 7 sins. In Buddhism it is the precepts. In Mythology the Gods themselves carry the balance to the emotions within our true beings helping us to live in this world. All of these practices have helped many people at one point or another.

    There are many people in todays world that find they are depressed. They find they have anxiety or that something is wrong with them. This is not always the case. Sensitivities to environments may have a lot to do with being an empath. Schizophrenia may have something to do with telepathy. Being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder may have a lot to do with channeling. Psychotic disorders are being handed to many people when they may have a hidden gift of seeing. Knowing that there are options in this world to help you deal with these symptoms could conclude into a personal world of fundamental change.

     Carl Gustav Jung is a man of much knowledge when it comes to the conscious and subconscious.  He is world renown for his analytics in psychology, and in some cases called "The Founding Father of Psychology". Though his knowledge and wisdom are studied among many University's here in the United States, and is notably mentioned, many of his theories are not practiced. In the Book of Synchronicity by Jung himself, it is mentioned his concerns for the future of Psychiatrics and Psychology due to the misunderstanding of the Soul. He also concluded that many gifted people are put into the position of having a troubled mind. He stated he felt many Telepaths are labeled as Schizophrenics.