Tara Pobuda C.Ht.

Our bodies is what possesses the Greater Wisdom.....it's all in the Chakras

The Wandering History of Chakras

There are no words that could make up one sentence to define the existence and potential of the Chakra System. The Chakra is one of several glands that is a central vortex within our bodies. It releases a hormonal structure by means of mind, body, and spirit. The understandings of the chakra are known in the ancient scriptures called The Vedas which were written and developed around the times of 1500 to 500 B.C. 


 The truth is that we need to open our chakras.

     Many people of this world today do not have healthy chakras. Chakras are a very large part of our health system. The anatomy of Chakras should very much be taught as a health subject in educational systems around the world. Despite the subjectivity of this matter I must continue to explain. As a human body, we carry this electricity. It is called energy. That is why our  bodies carry a nervous system. As bits and parts of our chakra system is blocked thru fear, health, and misunderstanding, our very own authenticities are misinterpreted towards the world both internally and externally. The Bible, The Q/C/Kabbalah, The Dhammapada , The Book of Dead (both Egyptian and Tibetan), The Tablets of Thoth, (the list goes on), all carry a commonality. To Be Good to Yourself and Others. As small parts of our nervous systems are unblocked through wisdom, understanding, creativity, new perception, and health, we open more to Unconditional Love. We experience unity, more energy and a greater sense of motivation. We may notice that there is something fundamental all around us that states truth while in search of validations of our lives to open our greater mind, and it feels natural. Our brains and bodies grow and flourish to a world of change and wisdom. Save your Chakras and you add a purpose to the World within and around you. The Purpose of Life will be explored and understood on different dimensions. You may find a part of you that serves a valued purpose.

     Everything in its tangible and intangible existence needs balance in order for it to reach its highest potential. Wifi, vehicles, trees, flowers, animals, rivers, a mountain, the weaves within a blanket or a basket, and yourself. If a car is not feeling well, it is because it needs to be fixed. If a plant is not well, we use chemistry for it to get its measured balance back. Ever considered that we have a balance within ourselves? How we think, how we feel, how we take care of ourselves? Ask yourself where you are At-Ease. How can you fix your Dis-Eases? These are all of the many ways to get to the core of your being and to bond with your Soul and Health. 

     The influences through a healthy balanced chakra is where our highest understanding is. There are many people that do not see the importance because it is not taught to us. Athletes, many or most of our beloved Movie Stars and Famed Musicians, Writers, Artists, Doctors, and even some of your neighbors or co-workers understand these feelings of being grounded and to have a clear head. Energy should be running out of your feet and it should be felt. Many people do not understand the potential and education of this important part of our bodies. I personally recommend to have this experience because I know truly in my heart you will see a positive change in your life. As a practitioner of Metaphysics, I am unsure of mostly anything. Yet I am confidently standing by this recommendation, this is One thing I am sure of. Research and Experience Chakra Health. Your Life will change.

The Nervous System

     The nervous system is known to connect to our brain. It is a series of nerves that run through our bodies like a tree root. If you think of our bodies in such a way, the roots are not just connected to the tree itself, but to the dirt that carries minerals, water, and nutrition as well as the other plants and organisms around it. The surroundings of sounds, population, and chemical processes (environment) have the ability to effect the tree. Our bodies react in the same way. This is all frequency and our nervous systems thrive in frequency. A baby needs three things. Physical comfort, Food, and Love. This theory still stands as we progress through life. It does not stop. So does anything else in this world in order for it to live up to the potentials of survival. 

     Both Sympathetic and A-Sympathetic Nerves is where we hold many of our attainments of whom we are and is connected to our Chakra Glands along with many other faculties of our bodies. When we take care of our nervous system, we are removing blockages that are unnecessary to hang on to. In turn, our synapsis within our brains carries energy thru all systems of self with greater force. Our ideas are much more motivated, pure, and secure. Our hearts and conscientious thoughts are processed in a healthy perspective, without the interruptions of our surroundings, giving us a humbled comfort in our unique expressions of being. Connections to mind, body, and spirit become richer. The Chakra glands are happier and start to realize that you are paying attention. Your Chakras respond by opening Neural Pathways, youth physically and mentally, clearer patterns of thought, heightened response, and much more. The Greatest Gift of healing these mysterious vortexial glands is a personified connection with the Universe as a whole.  

     You can help your nervous system by nurturing yourself. Learning about and using frequencies through the internet such as nerve regeneration Frequencies and cleansing, meditations, stomach health, exercise by means of cardio, weight lifting, yoga, detoxifications through different parts of the body functions, studying the Meridian System, and perspectives of nourishment all have an exchange in our nervous system. Doing the research to cleanse your system gets your chakras attention. Understanding why you would do any of the sources listed above to help your overall health will even add to your experience in opening the nervous system and creating healthy boundaries for your well being. 

The 7 Chakras

      The following charts below explain the location of the Chakra Gland, and what you can do to help that particular gland. When you take recognition into the placement of the specific Chakra, you awaken it. When imagining its color, you are manifesting its response by means of recognition and giving it the ability to heal. Foods, oils, smells, frequencies, meditations, stones, and exercises all help any Chakra that you are working with.

       Other things that may help is parasitic cleanses, metal detoxes, pesticide detoxes, and lowering the sugary intakes in the food that we eat. I highly recommend when looking into sugar substitutes to stay away from aspartame. If there is a need to reach out to those sugary substitutes you may want to try agave, nectars, fruits, or honey. Many claim that eating healthy is expensive. The truth is, it is not. It is not necessary to find the latest and most popular vegan recipes. A few spices have the ability to fix up some fresh kale or yellow squash very well. Disciplining your belly is a major factor. We have many nerves in our belly and having the control over what we take into our bodies shows our bodies how much we Love our body. Just like anything in life, if you do not want issues with body mind and spirit, take control of the chakra that share associations with the particular ailment that this is not welcome. If you do not want parasites in your body, present to the parasites that they are not welcome in your body by studying and following thru on how to terminate them from your system. Do Research. Do the Work. A very incredible mind once shared with me...."DO".  

     Looking into eastern diet substitutes is a great action into facilitating the truths of our programming to the western system of nutrition. Ayurveda and Chinese Meridians are great starts. Learning about facilitations in probiotics and why they are important can result intaking you to another level in thoughts and feelings. Researching in why certain religions do not eat pork may help you as well. Allow what resonates with you, help you. Question everything. Research and taking action is vital to your chakra health leading to a more postive domino effect on all aspects of your life. 

     When using frequencies or sound therapy, there are many opportunities such as sounds of nature or singing bowls. When utilizing frequencies through a recording or in digital format, you may want to use headphones. It personalizes your space and gives you the ability to take recognition to the thoughts that cross your mind and to accept or disregard those thoughts. There are 4 or more different types of tones that may take your interest. The 4 I am familiar with are Binaural, Isochronic, Rife, and Sound. Binaural and Sound is not so much necessary to wear headphones with. Isochronic and Rife tones are necessary to use headphones with. This is due to the waves of frequencies moving thru left to right sides of the brain hemispheres. On your headphones there is an L and there is an R. Make sure the L is put in the left ear and the R is put in the right ear. This is so you do not confuse your brain when taking the time to heal it. The people that take the time out to make these frequencies utilize both sides of the brain for a purpose. Always respect the tools that you use when taking care of your body. There are going to be many listings of different types of tones that coincide with your chakras. Follow what feels good inside you. Nobody is wrong because we are all different. The listings of the following information for the chakras are just an ice breaker. Be sure to experiment when utilizing any of these ideals that are put before you because the information of learning of the self is infinite.

      Affirmations are a great way to show the surrounding energies such as the Universe of what you truly want. When using the following affirmations be sure to reveal and pinpoint the areas of needed action. An example would be for the Root Chakra affirmation "I AM". Therefore, I would say I AM secure in my finances. I AM welcomed in this very place just as a star is welcomed that shines brightly in the night sky. I AM provided with all that I need. These are all affirmations towards the Muladhara/Root Chakra.  Each chakra carries smaller chakra lessons, validations, and acceptance to our true selves. Imagine ourself as a sponge born into this world opened and ready for Love. As we grow we find empty voids and disappointments that go along with our manifests and destinies. It is vital to learn about what we put our energy into. Putting time and effort to clearing out these smaller connected glands to the major chakras opens new understandings in the Head and Heart. When affirming what you aRE LEARNING, You are manifesting that source of control and the capability to enrich your life in that particular area. There are many affirmations that you can look up. Affirm what feels right to you. 

     Stones carry frequency to promote healing and to ward off negativity that does not benefit you. It is a very useful tool when being used in many or most forms of meditatation. Simply put the desired stone to the Chakra that you are meditating on and it  encourages that particular Chakra by soaking up the energy that is no longer useful and distributes its energies into the area on which you are working with. I like to use stones for all types of methods when it comes to healing. Jet is good for relaxation and protection. Tourmaline with quartz and Shungite are only a couple of many possibilities to help with the  interruptive frequencies that are in our homes by means of Wifi and electronics. Some people like making crystal grids in their homes or using crystals during a relaxing massage or in a Reiki Session. Stones carry infinite benefits that promote healing. Experiment with stones and see if it may be something that contributes to your well-being.

     With working on your Chakras, it is not necessary to start at the Root and to work your way up to the Crown. What is necessary is TO DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT TO YOU. There are many Gurus that would state differently. I am not a Guru, I am simply sharing experience. If you feel that lessons in communication keep popping up in your life, work on the Throat Chakra. It may be a gateway to help the Root Chakra. Everything is connected in our bodies. Take the time out to meditate on the reasonings in repeated situations or what you may be going through. That particular gland is more than likely over working itself within that lesson. If you help that gland you are nourishing it. You are showing that gland that you care and that you want for that lesson in life to be understood and open to perspective.  

Root Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith           

Root Chakra/Muladhara

Location of Chakra: 

     Below the Tailbone   

Color: Red

Foods to Heal: 




Frequencies to Heal:

     396 hz 

     Deep tone of the Earth

     Saying Low Lammmmm

Affirmation to Heal:

     I AM

Stone to Heal:


     Red Jasper

     Red Carnelian


Photo is through Energymuse.com

Sacral Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith

Sacral Chakra/Svadhisthana

Location of Chakra:

      Lower Abdomen

Color: Orange

Foods to Heal:




Frequencies to Heal:


     Sounds of Water

     Saying Vammmmmm

Affirmation to Heal:

     I FEEL

Stone to Heal:

     Orange Carnelian



 Photo is through: Energymuse.com

Solar Plexus Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith

Solar Plexus/Manipura

Location of Chakra:           

     Upper Belly, 

     Between Ribcage



Foods To Heal:



     Seeds and Nuts

Frequencies to Heal:


     The Sounds of Fire

     Saying Rammmmm

Affirmation to Heal:

     I CAN

Stone to Heal:

     Lemon Quartz

     Tigers Eye

     Yellow Jasper

Photo is Through: Energymuse.com

Heart Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith

Heart Chakra/Anahata

Location of Chakra:

     Center of Chest



Foods to Heal:

     Leafy Greens

     Matcha Tea


Frequencies to Heal:


     Sounds of Air

     Saying Yammmmm

Affirmation to Heal:

     I LOVE

Stone to Heal:

     Apache Obsidian

     Green Aventurine 

     Rose Quartz

Photo is Through: Energymuse.com

Throat Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith

Throat Chakra/Vishuddha

Location of Chakra: 

     Center of Throat



Foods to Heal:


     Chamomile Tea


Frequencies to Heal:



     Saying Hammmmm

Affirmation to Heal:

     I SPEAK

Stones to Heal:


     Lapsi Lazuli

     Blue Kyanite


Photo is Through: Energymuse.com

Third Eye Chakra Frequencies  by Leap of Faith

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna


      Above Center Brow-line



Foods to Heal:




Frequencies to Heal:


     "A" tone of an Instrument

     Saying Aummmmmm


     I KNOW

Stones to Heal:






Photo is Through: Energymuse.com

Crown Chakra Frequencies by Leap of Faith

Crown Chakra/Sahasrara


      Top of Head



Foods to Heal:




Frequencies to Heal:


     Total Silence

     Saying Aaaaaaahhhh


     I AM

Stones to Heal:





Photo is Through: Energymuse.com