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                                             Reunite Your Soul


Throughout my life I have been labeled as a person of many mental disorders. The major supporters of my life would recommend that I needed help due to my sensitivities and lack of understanding of the Universe. At the ripe age of this photo, I was 21, and starting to medicate with antidepressants and eventually anti-psychotics. The hospitals had me on enough medication to kill the average person. The average epileptic is on 200 mg of seizure medication to slow the electricity of the brain. I was on 600 mg. I did not have seizures, but I had many thoughts. I had too much creativity and I sensed far more than the average human. In time I was on risperidone and prozac. Many medicines over a 13 year period led to my soul shutting my body down. The doctors informed my family that I had 2-3 years to live. My diagnosis led to Dis Eases such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, and heart issues. I would watch my son play and was unable to know how to play. The back of mind would spin and try to figure out how to play. I came to the point of not having the ability to finish a sentence due to my brain shutting down mid sentence. I would not remember my words to speak. Even the process of humiliation of my significant other at that time would wipe my chin of drool in a teasing manner or harass my weight.

So, what changed me?

After an extensive surgery, I started to wish to meditate. I could not visualize and I wanted to go places beyond this world. I fought my body into yoga. I fought my mind into eating better, and most importantly, I LEARNED TO ACCEPT MY BEING.I stopped my medicine and started using divine tooling. I started to question my thoughts and release the thoughts I no longer accept. I researched and asked everything.

Since 2014, I have decided that other people need to know they are not crazy. I have decided that creation is God and God wants us to be unique and different. The people that are true will be most apparent in life. Family is not always blood and people come into your life at different times for different reasons. You must change yourself as you grow. Or...growth as a human being will not happen. Make good choices in life. In order to make better choices, research your options. Don't give up, but if it gets bad enough give in, do so, because there is always tomorrow. The Soul has more Power than we will ever come to understand. Your soul Loves you more than any other. Your soul knows more about you than you can comprehend. Learn to level with yourself and the rest will come naturally. There is always something brewing to better our lives beyond what we can tangibly validate.

Reunite Your Soul. Learn. Live. Love.

Sincerest Regards,