Many Experiences, Many Frequencies, Many Ways To Learn

The Listings on this page are not only from this website but from networks of learning throughout my personal journey. There are many available resources to learn more. It is very important when researching and examining your personal truths, that you carefully observe information you run across. To understand and soak in only what may benefit your highest good. It is best to have an open mind. Personally I do not agree with every resource that is posted below, Yet, I do agree that all people have a right to explore their options to make choices that best benefit their personal well-being as well as entitlement to their personal opinions. Here are some links to incredibly informative websites and it is all free. These are not sites that will be asking for personal information or an email in order to receive knowledge through donations are most always accepted.



Websites: (online books section) (just type in "free books" under their search tab) (click on archives) (great resource for tools in learning the process of obtainment in higher consciousness)