Many Experiences, Many Frequencies, Many Ways To Learn

     The Listings on this page are not only from this website but from networks of learning throughout my personal journey. There are many available resources to learn more. It is very important when researching and examining your personal truths, that you carefully observe information you run across. To understand and soak in only what may benefit your highest good. It is best to have an open mind. Personally, I do not agree with every word that these resources have shared. Yet, I do agree that all people have a right to explore their options to make choices that best benefit their personal well-being as well as entitlement to their personal opinions. Here are some links to incredibly informative websites and it is all free. These are not sites that will be asking for personal information or an email in order to receive knowledge through. Donations are most always accepted within these sites.



Websites: (online books section) (click on the pdf file, not the title) (this is great for finding meanings in terms such as "Kundalini" and "Etheric Double")

Here are a few videos that can take you thru some Rabbit Holes...ENJOY!

The views expressed in these videos are only meant for expansion on views and perceptions. Please only take what makes sense to you. 

Athene's Theory of Everything: is based on Empathy and the science behind connection. It helps to understand those that are Waking Up to the Gifts of an Empath.

Zeitgeist: is a historical principle that may open your views and perceptions of how you grow into knowledge in exploration of personal truths.

Alien Races KGB Book: is an interesting twist to exploration in Alien Races

Kymatica: is based on interpretations and views that see where we as a human population are effected and to open the mind of possible experiences in day to day life programming of mind. It may help to expand your perceptions in Waking.

Out of Shadows: is a documentary of a World renown Stuntman who broke free of the System. In present Day, many of us are going thru just this! It is enlightening at times to see for yourself that you are not alone.

Shoshana Zuboff is an expert and Professor on Data Analysis. She gives a great source of understanding what is happening with our personal data and why it may be bad for us individually and as a whole.