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"I Want for You to Grow on all Levels of Life

and to enable that Inner Voice to Guide you into Being At Ease in all parts of LIFE."

(all services provided may be done remotely)

What are my Services About?

We Only Hurt One Another in Lack of Understanding Ourselves

~Tara Pobuda~

What customers are saying

 I met Tara via phone per referral. Every reading has been so helpful and prophetic as I always took notes. Then I rechecked the notes: accurate!

As a medium myself, I was impressed with her quickness and ability to see ahead into the future! I also love how she scans the body, complete with a remedy. Without hesitation I highly recommend my little millennial,         MISS TARA!


I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed in my new surroundings when I discovered a spiritual bookstore that offered tarot card readings. I walked in and feeling anxious and I walked out feeling a sense of calm in knowing that I made the right decision. It wasn’t so much what was said but more how it made me feel.

 Tara is a magical soul. I wanted to learn from Tara so I attended a few classes on how to read tarot cards. It has become a daily practice for me. I also attended Tara’s weekly meditation class. She has such a calming presence that the meditations were very relaxing for me. I would often wander off so far that it would be hard to come back at the end of the session. I can’t wait to see what she can teach me next. I always look forward to my time with Tara.


  Tara is a beautiful soul. She is very good at helping and finding light in the dark. Tara with her great respect for the divine and the gifts she has been given, will deliver the answers you have been seeking. I call her my psychic life coach, but I consider her a dear friend. I don't make very many big decisions without her. Her guidance always comes from a place of love. She does what she does because giving back and sharing her gifts is so very important to her. That is probably why she is so GREAT at what she does because she lives her life from a loving lens.

Tara's goal is to help you with whatever you are going through with whatever one of her super power she has, because she has many. She is the compassionate listener you seek with the ability to offer the higher guidance you need and trust me, she can deliver. If anybody can make nonbelievers believers, it would be Tara. Tara bottom line is a gift and I am so grateful our paths crossed.


     The Following Services can be done Remotely and over the Phone or Online:

Services Provided are:

Mentorship (Pricing Varies)

Chakra Reading and Alignment

Healing with Joints, Muscles, Bones

Gift Enhancements



Awakening Questions/Consultant

Suicide Consultation

Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Lessons

Cards of Destiny

Tea Leaf



Intuitive Astrological Birth Chart (Pricing Varies)




Master Hypnotherapist 



(In all Teachings the Pricing Varies)

Creative Writing


Universal Language




Soul Recognition

Your Personal Gifts

Frequency Work

Divine Tooling

     Should there be any questions or curiosities please do not hesitate to contact me. To make an appointment, leave your contact information, how you would like to connect, and the service you would like provided. You will get a response within or less than 48 Hours.

 Thank You and Best Regards,

Tara Pobuda

$25 per 15 Minutes


$80 per Hour


All major cards accepted